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Bay Area

Tech hub, diverse culture, stunning coastline, vibrant city.


Bustling metropolis, rich history, cultural melting pot, southern hospitality.


Scenic riverfront, outdoor paradise, southern charm.


Proprietary library of research backed by industry standard metrics

Jesse Bray

CEO & CCO of Elevotix

From homeless to capturing content of the most prestigious homes along the West Coast, Jesse’s trajectory is undeniably impressive. Despite reaching significant professional milestones, he enjoys living simply in the East Tennessee mountains with his family, chickens, and garden. Embodying resilience and a dedication to creative content and marketing, Jesse strives to provide the Elevotix team and clients with growth and opportunities.

Bay Area



Proudly Represented

In collaborating with these esteemed brands, we leverage our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from content creation to marketing strategy development. Through compelling photos, captivating videos, immersive drone footage, and interactive 360 virtual tours, we craft engaging narratives that showcase the essence and value of each property or business. These visual assets serve as powerful tools to capture attention, evoke emotion, and drive engagement, ultimately leading to increased visibility and sales conversions.

Moreover, our collaborative partnerships with recognized brands afford us the opportunity to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations. By staying agile and adaptive, we can swiftly pivot our strategies to capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate evolving market dynamics. This proactive approach not only sustains our clients’ competitive advantage but also solidifies our reputation as a trusted and forward-thinking real estate marketing agency.

In essence, the privilege of working with renowned brands in both the real estate industry and broader business landscape is a testament to our expertise, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Through our collaborative efforts, we strive to elevate professionals, amplify brand visibility, and drive tangible business results, ultimately shaping the future of real estate marketing and beyond.